Types of Construction

Creek View Construction, LLc has experience in many areas of construction. Fifteen years of involvement in the industry has given us the opportunity to build light commercial structures, agricultural facilities, animal housing, and feed storage bins and bunkers. Residential type construction such as garages and home additions fit our hand too. Yes, even tough jobs such as renovating vintage bank barns and old warehouses into useful structures comes naturally. Just try us out!


Pre-Construction Services

Creek View Construction, LLc has experience in many areas of pre-construction services too. This type of service includes many behind the scenes features of your construction project. With the technology available to us to today and a touch of knowing “what works,” we can help you place your structure into the grade levels of the spot you want it. We can layout the basic building features to provide you plans to budget your investment from. Those same building plans we will present to those regulating the construction, such as planning commissions, stormwater management authorities, and zoning officials. In fact, we can handle the entire permitting and inspection phases of your structure. What a load off your mind!